The full title is Piranha- Under the Black Flag
also known as The Black Flag or Black Flag.
A "Pirate Theme" makeover of the original ACiD Board : Piranha
Piranha has been running since 1995 as an ACiD Art showcase

Black Flag an art based board with a great message base
Message nets: Agoranet / Zeronet / Fidonet / Scinet
with Local Groups that have a tilt on the "Golden Age of Piracy"

(ACiD Telnet Headquarters)

Prefered Client: Call with SyncTERM to experience the Amiga font magic and snag a copy for your OS

Telnet Connect info: Black Flag on Mystic:

Staff: Captain Hood / ungenannt - aka Lord Jazz / RaD Man / Fever

YouTube Loader here:


1 L.O.R.D. 4.06
2 Barren Realms Elite
3 Usurper : Tortuga
4 Trade Wars Gold 2002
5 Falcon's Eye
6 Zombie Slots
7 Pimpwars
8 Global War
9 Solar Realms Elite
10 L.O.R.D. 2 New World
11 Planets (TEOS)
12 Smugglers Cove
13 Operation Overkill
14 Jedi Knights
16 Exitilus
17 Darkness
18 Galaxy 5
19 Stack'Em!
20 Ship of the Line
21 BBS Vaders (Space Invaders)
22 Caribbean Contraband
23 Mortar Strike
25 Atlantis
26 Chopper
27 Ascii Invaders
28 Mechwars
29 Shaker
31 Pacman
32 Immortal Combat
33 Greyhound Racing
34 John Dailey's Dungeon Master (registered)

Experience the only official ACiD BBS still standing, telnet to today!
(Rad Man - Acid Founder)


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System Summary

  • Sysop: Hawk Hubbard - aka Captain Hood
  • Nodes: 9
  • Type: Public BBS
  • Software: Mystic
  • Online: Yes

System Location

  • Florida, United States

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