Telnet BBS Directory 2.0

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Thank you for stopping by to check out our Telnet BBS Directory project. Our telnet BBS directory provides a simple easy way to find online systems to connect with. The aim is to provide a central place for both Sysops and Users to connect. Please be aware that we are still under heavy development and not all our features have been unleashed as of yet.

BBS Nexus Android App!

Our BBS Android app is in final stages and offers a full featured terminal for connecting with your favorite bulletin board systems from your android device. Not only that but we have implimented full code page 437 into our terminal package along with z-modem protocol so you can download and upload files directly from bulletin board systems. 

BBS Roulette!

While many users prefer to always connect to their favorite bulletin board systems sometimes in life you need to spice things up a little. BBS Roulette is simple, you click the link and we connect you to a random online system! Sounds simple eh? Well... it is. So grab your trusty mechanical keyboard and click on BBS Roulette to start playing now! (Requires Flash 10 or Websockets compatable browser).

BBS Facebook App

Sysop's bring your bulletin board into the 21st century with our hosted facebook app pages. Creating a hosted facebook app with BBS Nexus requires no real technical knowledge and is a great way to open up your system to new users on facebook and those less technically minded out there.

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